Holy cr*p!

Forget Menorca, it’s warmer here at home! Yesterday and today, the weather’s hit 31-32 degrees celcius and there isn’t a cloud in sight!

As most British homes don’t have air conditioning, there’s nowhere to hide (except the supermarkets!) so people are making the most of it, getting the BBQs out and enjoying the sun!

We just had a lunchtime BBQ and now, learning from the Spanish, we’re indoors for a bit of a Sunday afternoon siesta 🙂

5 thoughts on “Holy cr*p!

  1. Fleur

    God, tell me about the weather. It’s so boiling…and humid too. England is so unprepared for hot weather.

  2. Matt (lanz)

    31-32 degrees C is hot? HAHAHAHAHA If you came to Texas you would melt. It was (does calculations) 36 degrees C today. =[ I would kill for 31…

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