Celebrating Canada Day in a foreign country

In 9 days, it’ll be Canada Day. These past few years I’ve been doing very little to celebrate, last year being in Menorca made me (very probably) the only Canadian on the island.

This year, it falls on a Friday and this time, I don’t want to sit idle doing nothing.

I will:
1. Wear my “Canadian Drinking Team” tshirt to work
2. Make poutine for dinner with real St-Hubert poutine sauce (thanks mom!)
3. Try to talk the other Canadian in the office into doing something silly too…

What else should I do? Give me more ideas!

Canadian bloggers across the world – check this fantastic idea from Domestic Goddess!

4 thoughts on “Celebrating Canada Day in a foreign country

  1. Joelle

    Mes plans pour la fête du Canada:
    aller camper! … à Québec. 😛

    Je me demande si on va se faire battre si on chante l’hymne national à pleins poumons dans les rues?

  2. vegcat

    Say EH? as many times as possible throughout the day, and entertain your coworkers with wonderous tales of how great Canada is. Having spent a year in the UK working though, I know that many of your coworkers will wish you a happy July 4th instead… d’oh!

  3. Vero

    Jo: va falloir que tu me racontes comment votre camping se passe… Mettez un gros drapeau du Canada sur votre tente et chantez fort! De toute facon, les quebecois vont etre trop occupes a demenager pendant cette fin de semaine la…

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