Interweb, here I come!

Today, we received confirmation that our line could handle ADSL so in less than a week, we’ll have the wonderful almighty Internet at home again!

To do when we’re connected:

  1. Respond to emails and comments that I’ve received through my blog for me since before our trip to Canada
  2. Post photos of our trip to Canada, our trip to Menorca and our new house
  3. Fix the shoutbox with Andrew’s help so that it’s not wonkily displaying shouts the wrong way around
  4. Post a whole lot more
  5. Get some more music, listen to the podcasts I’ve missed and catch up on everyone’s blogs!
  6. Waste time on the weeb while sitting in the garden with my laptop on wireless, yeeeehaw geekdom, here I come again!
  7. Update:

  8. Post some recipes on my food blog!
  9. Mess around with WordPress 1.5 and hopefully move over to it sooner than later…

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