Charlotte's such a crazy chick

Does anyone else find Charlotte Church’s hit song’s lyrics a bit well… inappropriate?

Maybe I’ve been bitten by the PC bug, but “I need professional help” and constant allusions to having mental problems because she’s in love seems to trivialise real mental illnesses a bit…

Odds are I’m being particularly picky about it because I can’t stand her, and if it was some random no-name girl band singing it, I wouldn’t care or even notice.

And now, here’s some quality lyrics to brighten up your day…

“So I won’t be responsible,
`Cause I’m really not logical.
No I won’t be to blame,
You know I’m really not sane.

I think I’m crazy, think I’m stupid,
Must have lost my mind.
Wondering what I’m thinking loving you
`Cause boy if you were mine,
I’d really go insane;
You’d be my favourite thing.
I’d go ballistic, yeah,
You’re making me a crazy chick. “

Oh yeah, Pop music’s getting better everyday.

3 thoughts on “Charlotte's such a crazy chick

  1. Dawn

    P.s. What I’ve just written sounded a little harsh, and reading your comment again I relise that the lyrics could offend yourself.
    I’ve had mental health problems in the past and at the time this would have got my back up. There is a light at the end of the tunnel and in time these lyrics won’t even bother you even if you do like her! I’m really sorry for writting that comment it was thoughtless of me and it wasn’t until I read your message again I relised how I felt a few years ago and would have been exactly the same about this sort of thing.Sorry x

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