Congratulations London!

London wins 2012 Olympics!
Directly from Trafalgar Square, sticking my head out the office window, I can officially say the 2012 Olympics will be in London!

*Listens to crowds cheering* Well, it was a good choice of day to come to the London office, even though it took me three hours to get in the office! (The joys of living off train lines and needing to use bus-bus-train-underground-walk to get in!)

3 thoughts on “Congratulations London!

  1. Andrew Pepsicola

    Lets blummin hope they sort out that manky london underground now then!!!

    *reminisces over favorite london underground song*

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  3. Julie

    Ahhhhh haha t’aurais du voir la face du monde en France! Yétaient tellement déçus! Mais chu ben contente, you never know, p-ê qu’en 2011 j’vais planifier un voyage en Europe! … si j’gagne le million…

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