Poor old London

After this morning’s events, I was absolutely speechless, 24 hours to the minute after I’d stepped out of King’s Cross station, it was blowing up. After a quick round of check-ups on family and friends to ensure no one was affected, I just kept checking the BBC website for updates out of utter disbelief at the events.

London blast

As the news kept repeating, Londoners weren’t panicked and responsibly got to safer grounds. Im a way I’m glad people here are that way, since I’m sure Americans would have behaved very differently, being much more prone to drama and conspiracy theories. But at the same time, it’s frightening that we’re becoming so blasé that such an event still appears to be of minimal proportion when compared to the events of September 11th or the recent wars.

Not much I can say other than I hope everyone is safe and sound at home tonight. I’ll be thanking my lucky star tonight that my meeting in London was yesterday and not today and that my loved ones are all safe.

2 thoughts on “Poor old London

  1. Steven


    Just got to work this morning at Liverpool St – my first day back since the events of Thursday. Was quite unnerving being on the tube, and the police got on at Victoria to check the carriages. Every time a bus goes past it’s scary.

    Anyhows, hopefully things will calm down in the coming weeks and things will get back to normal.


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