Aaand relax!

This weekend, we’ve achieved more as far as home improvements than we have since the first weekend we moved in!

Saturday was the exciting yet dreaded trip to IKEA where we bought:

  • Two tall Billy bookshelves, one for Andrew’s computer room, one for my computer room/lounge
  • A cream sofa for my computer room/lounge with two burgundy cushions
  • A birch dining table and 4 chairs with cream seats
  • A birch (I keep typing bitch, woops!) bed base and two bedside tables
  • A single shelf for the lounge to go above the sofa
  • A mirror for the bathroom (it looks huge now!)
  • And finally, a frame for my two japanese posters

All in all, it was a total success. We put everything together last night and this morning, putting in a huuuuge effort to get as much done as possible! I’ll be putting photos up this evening before my family starts thinking I’m lying and I haven’t actually moved to a new house!

For an afternoon lunch, Frank & Jeanne came over to see the new house. They’re so nice, it’s like having another mom and dad around! Their dog Holly had a great time running around the house, sneaking around the rooms. It made me realize how well suited our house and garden is for pets. But we’re still debating whether we really want to take the responsibility that is having pets…

So we’ve had a fantastic weekend, the house looks great now, but I am shattered! Hmm I might go start reading my copy of Harry Potter…

2 thoughts on “Aaand relax!

  1. pa

    Bravo.. vous êtes bien organisé..C,est une bonne promo pour IKEA ? Je suis content pour vous!
    Jo a trouvé un Harry P pour 24$C vs 35$ Bonne lecture et bonne semaine

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