I should really backup my blog

This morning, I had a bit of a fright when I found my blog had reverted to a version from Jan 25th 2005! It was the baby pink design with the Warhol-wannabe colour pics of me. Yikes, what a flashback!

Thankfully, it was only a temporary fluke as the webhost’s DNS servers crashed and the wrong records were restored, meaning my domain pointed to the old machine it used to be hosted on.

After a moment of panic (at 7am *yawn*) I dragged Andrew out of bed to call the hosting company and ensure things got fixed.

Let’s just say I’m going to backup my blog more often now, just in case…

2 thoughts on “I should really backup my blog

  1. Hal

    Every Sunday I login to PHPMyAdmin and download the WordPress tables with all my content on.

    I should really get around to mirroring the actual files: images, music samples, etc. though.

    Losing everything is a nasty prospect…

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