Tube events today

What kind of idiots are trying to reproduce the events of two weeks ago??

Three minor explosions, involving no actual explosives and only detonators, and a man who blew up the windows of a bus and ran off. Sounds to me like scaremongering by a bunch of morons… I wish I knew what drives people to do things like that.

But again, I’m mighty glad I’m not in London today. I was there on Tuesday and would’ve been so frustrated if I’d been delayed getting to the event I was attending or getting home afterwards. *shakes head*

One response to “Tube events today

  1. Today, was a bit of disruption as 2 of my closest stations where shut down. In one of them the police shot a suspect. It’s gettin’ a bit too close. Ok over 500m away.. but that’s close in London terms.

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