As life goes on

The past few weeks have been rather bumpy for Londoners, but life must go on. A woman working for my old company, Benedetta Ciaccia, was part of the victims. I may not have known her but it still feels oddly close to home that, like most people, I know someone who has been affected by it.

My thoughts are with those still affected by it… and with those who have a constantly disrupted commute to work… 😦

2 thoughts on “As life goes on

  1. Steven


    I’m starting to feel very nervous on the tube now. I leave the house at 7am, about 1.5hrs before I actually need to just to try to beat rush hour. Still quite a few ppl on the tube today though, and I got off a few stops early at Mansion House and walked through the City to work. (Clue buying chocolate cossiants, evian and purdey’s energy drinks at Tescos). The sooner I move back to Islington and walk again the better.

    The problem with terrorism is that it’s so effective. The first round of bombings was said to have lost the ecomony £2 billion, and that was even before the latest ones have been taken into account and the underlying loss of confidence. It hit me this morning just how effective they’re being – pictures in the Metro of white western families crying, holding each other – exactly the pictures we see of middle eastern families after we’ve dropped another bomb on their school by mistake. I really loved Tony Blair, but I can’t help feel that he’s really screwed us.

    It’s really sad about that girl, v beautiful, but now one of the many lifes ruined.


  2. Raj Babbra

    When I read the articles on the news, internet etc about Benedetta Ciaccia it makes me feel upset more than not only with only what happened. I read a lot about how she lived for the past decade with her fionce when she came to the UK. This is totally incorrect. When she came to the UK, she met me after about 2 years of living here. We spent the next 5 years together and they were the most beautiful of our lives. We also lived together and were nearly married. We had some issues towards the end of the relationship and needed some time apart. Even after we broke up, we were still best friends. I cannot describe the love, friendship and bond Benedetta and I shared. All I know is, we were both happiest when we were together and everyday can still feel her love with me. Raj

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