Funny Google Searches – Part IV

Here are the shortlisted amusing comments I’ve found in recent Google searches.

  • “where do totem poles come from” Well it all starts when the daddy totem pole and the mommy totem pole get together and…
  • “toby carvery menu at harlow” For starters: pure crap, for mains: pure crap, for pudding: crap with ice cream
  • “can i own a car in canada and live in the uk” Go right ahead, but it won’t be much use to you, will it?!
  • “live 8 dido out of tune” Couldn’t agree more on that one…
  • “this girl is the most beautiful in ottawa by far” Well darn, that’s very flattering
  • “the most beautiful canadian girl” Geez, you guys are making me blush!
  • “large bosom exam cheat” Does it involve hiding a textbook in her cleavage?

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