GTA: San Andreas Sex Scandal or The Story of America, Backwards Country

America is truly mad.

The House of Representatives has called for an investigation after finding out about a hidden sex scene in a game with a “Mature” rating (17 and over) in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now, allow me to find a few flaws in their sudden uproar and indignation.

Before I even say anything, have a look for yourself and tell me whether that’s too heavy for the eyes of a 17-year old. [Sorry about the advert that you need to skip…]

First off, GTA: SA’s little hidden sex scene is hardly any worse than the average suggestive hip-hop video you’ll catch on MTV mid-afternoon. Seeing a digital gangsta have sex with a cheaply rendered model of a girl with triangular boobs won’t inspire anyone to have sex. All-ages TV and movies have dished up worse sex scenes, however much America tries to play prude.

Secondly, if your 17 y/o son has managed to get on the net and find that Hot Coffee patch, install it and run it, he’s most likely seen much MUCH worse already on the net. If his mates haven’t’d or tubgirl’d him yet [mothers, please don’t ask… and most of all don’t follow those URLs], his curiosity’s probably led him to a few naughty sites anyways. Reality is, most kids that age have seen worse than what Rockstar Games has sneaked into the game for a laugh.

So all in all, if you want to shelter your 17 y/o son to ensure he sees none of this dirty thing they call sex until he turns of age, that leaves you, dear American parent, a whole 12 months at the most before your innocent sweet child can legally watch filthy movies and play games with naughty hidden scenes. Yep, keep convincing yourself that’s really going to change anything to his upbringing.

7 thoughts on “GTA: San Andreas Sex Scandal or The Story of America, Backwards Country

  1. Andy

    Ahh You don’t see the problem here. For a Christian right in the US is that there is a (shock horror) a Black man doing an innocent white woman.
    I think this could be what the main underlieing problem is.
    But then again, your looking at a country who will queit happily impeach a president who does a bit of internal investigation of an intern,and a president who will quiet happy lie to protect his pals in the Neocon movement.
    A strange country indeed.

  2. steve

    that is just funny. i want to play that in the game, looks fun. whats the code to get that? also are there any other cool games you can play? other than pool. or arcade games.

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  4. pcjunkiee

    I think those fatheads in washington feel they need to control ever thing the game already has a Mature rating what else do you need. Oh I need to know the code is there a code for the PS2 version if so what is it

  5. ToxiC_DusT

    c’mon ppl,wtf is wrong with the government,wtf they’re doing to the games?c’mon! “GAMES ARE THE ONLY EDUCATION WE GOT”

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