The day citizen media went mainstream

This reflection by Duncan at The Last Minute (via Antoine) matches my observations of the events,

I couldn’t help but notice how different my media consumption has been surrounding the terrorist attacks in London from September 11th. When my girlfriend came and hammered on my door on the morning of September 11th I turned on CNN and just watched. When I heard about the bombings in London I looked it up on Flickr, Nowpublic, Wikipedia, Wikinews to mention a few.

Even though I turned to the BBC News rather than CNN on September 11th, my reaction to the bombings was very similar to Duncan’s. I sought information through the blogs of Londonites I knew, and as each one started posting, I followed an immense web of links to further information all written by “real people”.

It was surreal to see camera phone photos and videos within minutes of the event. Over time, BBC News has accumulated all these photos, but to see them pop up on independent blogs and services like Flickr first spoke volumes about the movement away from the classic information media.

4 thoughts on “The day citizen media went mainstream

  1. Michael Tippett

    Duncan is right on the money with this. Viva la personal media revolution!

    By the way, since you’re a blogger and you are interested in citizen journalism you might want to check out the ‘make public’ button on the site. It’s a pretty simple way of re-blogging stuff on your site and getting it in front of an even bigger audience. Here’s the link with more info:


  2. Calder Lorenz


    We’ve quietly been working on the next release of NowPublic and it is now – finally – in testing. We still have a few seats left in our beta group so if you’re interested in getting an advanced viewing before we launch please let me know.

    In the coming weeks I’ll post additional details here but please feel free to contact me in the meantime. My email address is calder(at)nowpublic(dot)com.


    Calder Lorenz,
    Director, Contributor Relations,

  3. Calder Lorenz


    As promised, here are the details…

    It looks like the NowPublic V3 beta program will be starting next week. Let me know if you want to join us. We’d be very interested in what you think. My email address is clorenz(at)nowpublic(dot)com.


  4. Calder Lorenz


    As promised, here are the details about NowPublic V3

    We will be going live tomorrow between 6am and 6pm (pending the servers showing up to work). You can find a sneak peak here:

    Mumia in my arms

    Feel free to drop me a note with your comments. Thanks. My email address is


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