The Camel Game

Ok, here’s a memory test, first of all for my sisters, but for anyone who might recognize this game!

You had to race across the desert on a camel, walking or running, ensuring you ate, drank water and gave your camel some rest. The Barbarians weren’t far behind and could catch up with you. You came across oases, caravans and at the end, your father’s castle or something along those lines.

It must’ve been the mid-90’s or so, I would guess I played it on a Mac since it’s all we had at the time. It was played in a small window no bigger than a DopeWars window, with the buttons for eating, drinking, etc. I thought it had “Desert” in the title, but I guess not because doing a Google search, it only comes across “Through The Desert” and that definitely doesn’t seem like the right game.

Somebody help me remember, and if possible, find this little crap game that’s been making my brain itch for a few weeks!!!

Edited on 02/08/05: MY SISTER ROCKS! She may not have found the game itself, but she found the name for me – Desert Trek, dating back some years… This made my day! Merci Jo, t’es trop cool! 🙂

7 thoughts on “The Camel Game

  1. Jo

    Oui! le jeu de “Chameau”!! …c’est sûrement pas le bon titre du jeu hein…
    j’aimerais vraiment ça avoir ce jeu là en ce moment… au travail.

    J’ai ben hâte de voir les photos de chez-vous. Nous, on a fait de la construction dans la cuisine, je pourrais t’envoyer des photos si tu veux voir.

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  3. ks

    Desert Trek! OMG! I WANT IT SO BADLY! I used to play it all the time. One of my favourite games, i went looking for it in google and found this page XD

    Do you know where to download it??

  4. Hayden

    Desert trek!!!! Used to play it so much…if ANYONE knows where I can download a windows version, pc version, desert trek for pc etc. PLEASE LET US KNOW!!!

  5. spalooga

    OMFG!!!! i remember this game, i was looking for it awhile ago but couldn’t find it THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! i hell won it but if my memory is right i then got aressted by the RSPCA

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