It’s only Monday night and my brain already feels pickled… This might turn out to be a long week! 😯

One response to “Observation

  1. Steven

    Hmmm me too. Way too much stuff going on atm, and I’ve even found out something which’ll further complicate things for me! Anyhows, another day is at hand before I can get home, get my suit from the dry cleaners and relax watching “Streets Ahead” with the lovely Ms Beeny.

    Re: the long week, my district line tube broke down at Embankment and so I’ve already had a 45 minute walk this morning (along the thames and then though St Pauls cathedral churchyard and into the City, so it was rather nice – but tbh am becoming a bit sick of walking!).

    I wonder if it’s possible to rent a lockup bike rack. Hmmmmm.


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