Public Service Pamphlet for Bloggers

The Nonist hits it in the head with “What Everyone Should Know About Blog Depression” (via apophenia)

Even funnier though is the news it led me to, on Blue Damage. (Yes it’s old and it’s a classic piece of meta-blogging – deal with it!)

“The latest tech sensation is blogging, a new form of media that is sweeping the internet with it’s cold and sweaty hands. No doubt, the hundreds of new bloggers that pop up daily can attest to this. Blogging is huge! However, many people don’t realize the hazardous and possibly deadly addiction that it is to blog.

A correspondent of Blue Damage caught up with Michael Jimberly, roommate of Tom Burgess who recently died blogging. Michael recalls the beginning days of Tom’s blog addiction. “It started off quite innocent. He would come home from work, spend a few minutes writing on his blog and he would be finished,” Michael said. “Then he started to change. He would be blogging for hours upon hours a day, it was quite scary.”

At this point, apparently, Tom had dropped out of USF (where Michael still attends school), quit his part time job of waiting tables at the local bar and would rarely ever been seen away from his computer. “He blogged so much, sweat beads would form on his upper lip,” stated Michael. “I mean, dude spoke in XML. He would freak out any friends I invited over when they would try to talk to him. He would always say shit like, ‘You don’t validate as RSS 2.0’ and then try to hurt them.”

Michael found Tom deceased at his computer a few days ago coming home from work. His cold hands still grasped the keyboard after he was pronounced dead. Surely enough, there were 15+ tabs open on Firefox, the bloggers preferred interweb browser. All of the pages open were blog related. The police were baffled and stated that this was the first case of blogging death that they have on record. “I just want people to know that blogging is potentially dangerous. I wish I could have helped Tom before it was too late,” Michael sobbed.”

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