A Dragon in Trouble: Red Letter Days

Oh Rachel, Rachel… What were you thinking? It’s one thing to be on TV pointing fingers at people who have sometimes imperfect business ideas on Dragon’s Den. But while you’re out there, don’t forget to keep an eye on your own business!
Rachel Elnaugh
I previously commented bitched about Red Letter Days, being seriously unimpressed with the quality of the service they offer and the backwards policies they have. A company that treats customers, and likely staff, like a bunch of numbers when it’s meant to provide a unique wonderful experience, is bound to have problems staying afloat.

“…Another Dragons’ Den judge Peter Jones is teaming up with ex-Millwall chairman Theo Paphitis to buy the company’s assets.”

Either Pete & Co are kicking a dead horse, or they have some serious plan for draining the bad and pumping some new energy into the company. There is still great potential for a company that acts as middleman in organising the most unique activities, such as gardening with Charlie “No Bra” Dimmock or getting cooking lessons from pro chefs, but people are becoming too online-savvy, booking a bungee jump or a spa day through Red Letter Days will start appearing wasteful and unnecessary as all those companies have their own websites.

So who’s gonna bail you out next time, Rachel?

8 thoughts on “A Dragon in Trouble: Red Letter Days

  1. Anon

    You may be interested to know that the former Area Manager of Red Letter Days (Scotland), Tracy McNicol who is now working for GUY SALMON CAR RENTAL (Edinburgh)as General Manager…but using a new surname, which she changed, a few months before Red Letter Days folded!

    There may be some folks who would like to ask here where the money went!

  2. Anon

    The increasing rate of new ‘Internet Agents’ in the service sector is a worrying trend. I just stopped my wife purchasing 5 x theatre tickets from an agent for £302, then paid £167 direct. Same with Red Letter Days, £185 v £135 from Adventure 001 for a helicopter experience. Hopefully these guys will realise they need to get real companies soon…

  3. J.

    I think it’s appalling that Rachel is allowed to still continue to be on Dragon’s Den (though they commented on the fact she’s had a lot of press). The fact that there are suppliers are owed money and a reported lady (who did the body jewellery) only received half the sum for a private commission from Rachel miss examplar is disgusting, despite the BBC mentioning she has ‘amassed a personal wealth’. It’s grotesque and endorsing daylight robbery.

  4. Redondo Beach Day Spa

    I think Rachel’s business practices are more than suspect. Her company promises the world through their “experience” vouchers, but when all is said and done, they are KNOWN to overcharge and on top of that, they even try to back out of their own services by use of “technicalities” and “stipulations” in their business practices. I read the perfect example from your prior post (the one with the day spa experience). That alone made me want to reach in the TV screen on Dragon’s Den and rip her hair out of her scalp. On top of that, for her workers to literally talk down to their customer-base when they simply want to change the date of their experience: That’s just appauling. Why on Earth would you want to go into business when their people skills are lacking to the point of non-existent?

  5. Anon

    As an ex red letter day employee I think your comments about Tracy are way off, people change their names for all sorts of reasons – marriages, divorce. If you want to find the missing money you would be much better looking at Fraser’s expenses (ex-Scottish manager), he makes politicians look squeeky clean!

  6. Julie Oakley

    Rachel ordered some graphic design from me and just ignored my invoice. I never was paid – she still owes me £600. She also employed my husband and sacked him a month before she was obliged to pay him £6000 bonus for increasing the turnover of the company. She always paid suppliers late – if at all and meanwhile had the purchaser’s money in the bank making interest.

    Quite frankly it was such a brilliant idea for a business that only a very nasty person who could not keep staff, supplier and customer loyalty could have failed to make it a success.

    Rachel – if you’re reading this and and have decided that you want have a ‘life well lived’ and want to make amends, please just send us a cheque.

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