Banksy, the guerrilla artist

Wall ArtThrough the good ol’ Beebs, I’ve found a fascinating article on a graffiti artist who calls himself Banksy.

Some of his art is done on buildings, the classic canvas of the graffiti artist, while some are truly unusual, like this “hole” in Israel’s West Bank barrier.

The nine paintings were created on the Palestinian side of the barrier. One depicts a hole in the wall with an idyllic beach, while another shows a mountain landscape on the other side. Another picture shows the head of a white horse appearing to poke through, while he has also painted a ladder going over the wall.

Some of his vaguely less politically charged stunts involve planting a hoax cave painting of a man pushing a supermarket trolly at the British Museum, nicknamed “the Peckham rock”, anti-war paintings stuck in New York museums and a painting depicting a rural scene with a police tape blocking the way in the Tate Britain.

Banksy’s site. The Outside Institute. BBC Pics of Turf War.

3 thoughts on “Banksy, the guerrilla artist

  1. Sean

    In general his stuff seems a little kitsch to me but was surprised by these pieces actually seem more poignant than opportunistic – something about the juxtaposition of beauty and distruction.

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