Up yours, Atkins!

Reading that *finally* people may have vaguely come to their senses and dumped the Atkins low-carb damage-your-budy diet on Seth’s blog today has ab-so-lu-te-ly made my day.

NEW YORK – Atkins Nutrionals, the New York company founded in 1989 by the late Dr. Robert Atkins to cash in on his low-carb diet, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection yesterday. The company cited weakening demand for its products. Ironically, the Atkins diet–affectionately known by some as the “cheeseburger-hold-the-bun”? diet–had been blamed in recent years for earnings shortfalls in companies ranging from Krispy Kreme Doughnuts to Kraft Foods to Interstate Bakeries (the maker of Wonder Bread and Twinkies).

Although I’m not holding much hope as to what fad diets the world will clutch to while our collective ass gets fatter, but I’ll cross my fingers for the healthy low-fat high-nutrition foods to return in the supermarket rather than the low-carb empty ready meals.

I’m taking bets on what the next ridiculous fad diet will be. Please let it be “7th level vegan – eat nothing that casts a shadow”, we may be able to get rid of a few more idiots in the process.

Peace, Love and Twinkies,

4 thoughts on “Up yours, Atkins!

  1. vegcat

    I have always thought Atkins was full of it. It simply makes no sense to eat so much protein. In a way, Atkins is even more restrictive than veganism, because it pretty much cuts out an entire type of nutrient; carbohydrates. At least vegans get every type of nutrient, just all from plant based sources. To me, it’s pretty simple: garbage in = garbage out. We would all feel so much better if we ate foods that were good for us! (Oh yeah, and of course twinkies). 🙂

  2. w7

    It’s simple: eat a well-balanced and healthy diet, do everything in moderation, and drink less. No need for Atkins or other guide books, only common sense (he says, just having put on a new pound or two…)

  3. Jane

    The above remarks are as limited as ever. If dieting and weight loss were as simple as this, there would be no obesity epidemic. ‘Sensible’ eating is a very vague term – what exactly does it mean? ‘Well-balanced’ is even vaguer. Do these people even know what they mean themselves?

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