Continental Culture?

As if Brits weren’t drinking enough as it is…

The government has decided to relax drinking laws in England and Wales, allowing pubs to apply for a license to stay open later than 11pm, with 24hr licenses available.

Earlier, a report by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) suggested liberalising licensing laws would create a holiday-resort drinking culture.

The report claimed there was “a strong link between the increase in disorder and the explosion of late-night premises. The assertion 11pm closing leads to binge-drinking is simply not supported by the evidence,” the report stated.

Nine out of 10 pubs are thought to have applied to stay open an hour or two later – rather than all night as expected.

Somehow, it seems a bit mad the government would make a decision with potentially very dangerous consequences with so little backing. “Continental drinking” sounds like a great idea, I’d love to share a bottle of red with friends while sitting in a social environment, but British people drink like they’re competing to finish their pint first. It seems to be the wrong way around, change the behaviour and the mentality THEN give more lenient drinking laws.

If this goes through, prepare for mayhem.

Screw pubs, I’ve got Sainsburys’ endless supply of Belgian beers and lovely wines, and a garden more beautiful than any pub. And I cook better than any pub chef. There, that’s happiness!

3 thoughts on “Continental Culture?

  1. w7

    Further, your garden (and mine) is not littered, doesn’t stink, clean toilet facilities are available, and isn’t full of drunken people. Myself excluded 🙂

  2. Hal

    The current morality that you need to be off your head to have fun is disconcerting indeed.

    I heard somewhere that British people work the longest hours in Europe; just googled it, there seems to be a few articles to that point. Interesting correlation.

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