Switching off

This weekend, I’ve switched off my blog pretty much, and it was nice, very nice.

Went out Friday night for my work’s summer party and had a wonderful time! I really work with a great bunch of people, I feel more “at home” there after 2 1/2 months than I did in my old job after more or less three years. Everyone looked so fantastic in suits and cocktail dresses, and I think we all left having had a very good time!

On Saturday, we had a friend’s birthday to attend. In true South African style, he had plenty of meat on the BBQ, and in true British style, there was also beer on tap! Oh… and also in true British style, it rained heavily for a good part of the evening! Thankfully, there were two large marquees for us to hide under while it was raining. Andrew and I made a banoffee pie that would give you a heart attack, and it was a total hit! So was my potato salad. I’ll post the two recipes on my food blog at some point this week.

Today, we had a nice relaxed day… I went for a nice walk to discover a bit more of the neighbourhood and made friends (well, sort of…) with a little hedgehog that lives near our house. Just the perfect Sunday.

3 responses to “Switching off

  1. Andrew Pepsicola

    “Andrew and I made a banoffee pie”

    heyyyyyyyyyy… I made that! ME ME ME. you just crushed up the biscuits like a little girl.

  2. Jo

    ok, it’s time to switch back on! 😛 It’s Wednesday and you haven’t entertained me yet with your posts this week… At least I now have more projects at work so it’s ok.
    C’était la fête à Louis hier et pauvre p`tit il était malade. On va se reprendre en fin de semaine pour célébrer un peu plus!

  3. Steven

    Here here! You’re sat at home working so you clearly have lots of time to waste blogging!!!

    On other interesting notes, a website on Self-Sufficiency I’ve been reading this week, and another on potential small holdings on which it could be practiced! :



    It occurs to me that if you don’t have a coffee shop nearby, you may wanna start practicing it 😉

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