I feel SO middle-aged

Our boiler was replaced for a better, high-efficiency one over the past two days and today I was actually quite excited to get home and see how our heating and water pressure had improved! How incredibly middle-aged of me!

But it was SOOOO worth it, I had the best shower I’ve had in a long time as soon as we got home. And we’ll be able to heat the house so easily when winter comes.

Beyond the difference in quality of life through a good shower in the morning, what was thrilling about it was that it’s OUR house and any changes we make add value to the house. Every time I’ve lived in rented accommodation, if the shower sucked, that was the end of the story. Deal with it. While now, we had the power to make a change like that and we’ll benefit from it every morning until we sell the house, at which point it’ll be a helpful selling point!

Owning a house rocks!

PS – And I’m back, Jo, break’s over! 😉

5 thoughts on “I feel SO middle-aged

  1. Andrew (not hubby, the other one)

    What are you saying?? The shower at Albany was pure bliss 😉 No pleasing some people 😉

  2. P.L.

    Hahaha t’es tellement matante!! Mais je te comprends – ma douche ici tète comme c’est pas possible. Quand il fait 30 dehors, l’eau est bouillante, mais quand il pleut, t’auras une douche froide à la maison aussi! C’est déprimant.
    Au moins ma cuisine est cool! 🙂

  3. Jim


    I am interested in purchasing a boiler. It appears that you have undertaken some comprehensive research in order to find the right boiler. Could you recommend some boiler comparison web-sites and the company you used?

    I too have recently purchased my own house and am enjoying every minute of it! How do you feel about not having to deal with landlords anymore or any of the other various stresses included in rented accommodation? Personally I am so happy. As you say, it ROCKS!


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