Rainy days…

Woke up thinking it was Saturday – Mood +7
Realised it was only Friday and I had to get up – Mood down to -2
Had a fantastic shower thanks to our newly fitted boiler – Mood back up to +5
Looked outside and realized it’s looking darker than it should for morning and it’s pissing it down with rain – Mood down to -1
Get to work and not many people in, all on holiday = no team pub lunch – Mood crashes to -5
Productive meeting with manager – Mood slowly back up to +1
Remembering I have some nice cold drinks in the fridge waiting for me to get home tonight – Mood +5
Coming to the realisation that we have a free weekend and can actually work on home improvements, read a book, relax a bit for once! – Mood soars up to +10

Ahhh Friday mood swings!

One thought on “Rainy days…

  1. pa

    Tu mérites bien une bonne douche!!!!
    Après celle de Lees ou de Harlow, tu peux apprécier le sooo bourgeois..
    bonne fin de semaine!! XX

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