The piano man…

“Over six feet tall, blonde and clad in a suit, the strange figure dubbed the “Piano Man” was found wandering along a beach in Kent, south-east England in early April. His clothes were drenched, and all the labels had been ripped out. Nothing about his person gave any clues whatsoever as to his identity, and he appeared unable to speak.”

The Piano ManFor the past few months, theories have been thrown all over the place about the past of this so-called piano virtuoso. The BBC has now reported the man has returned to Germany and is in a stable mental state.

While the Beebs says the bare minimum about the discharge of the mysterious patient, Deutche Welle calls the man a hoax, claiming he was suicidal when the police found him, had previously worked with mentally ill patients and had mirrored their behaviour while in care. “Reports that he astonished staff at the Little Brook Hospital in Dartford with his virtuoso playing were grossly exaggerated, said the paper. In fact, all he ever did was tap one key over and over again.”

DW also goes as far as writing that “with the Piano Man now back in Germany, the Mirror also reports that doctors are considering suing their former patient, arguing that his treatment cost the cash-strapped National Health Service thousands of pounds and wasted expert time.”

I bet Hollywood was gagging for a good story out of this…

[Update: He wasn’t faking his psychotic episode, says the Beebs.]

3 thoughts on “The piano man…

  1. Steven

    Man that’s sick. He certainly should be sued, or at least the German government pay for such time wasters! Funny to hear about his “virtuoso playing” of one key.

    Then again, maybe the NHS cut just take his cut of the film profits.

  2. Vero

    Keeping in mind, the Mirror’s report could be just as exagerated as the original report… Maybe he’s not a virtuoso, but I doubt the story would’ve been built over him playing a single key. Tabloids prefer extreme stories than middle-ground lukewarm ones.

    Odds are he was slightly disturbed when they found him and he just took his sweet ass time choosing to feel well enough to leave.

    Either way, the story as-is probably wouldn’t have been of much interest so it had to be exagerated by the people surrounding him to make it slightly more interesting! 😛

  3. Steven

    I suppose there’s also the angle that they didn’t know who he was, so they wanted to use the media to try to find out.

    Mmmm 8:20am and I’ve had my pain au chocolat & cafe met’s mochalatte.

    The day can begin!

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