I didn't want this 5 day weekend to end

Since leaving early Wednesday afternoon to go meet my friends as they came off the Heathrow-Cambridge bus (National Express, if you ever need a good reliable bus to/from locations around the country from the airports), I’ve had one of the best very-long weekends I’ve had in a long long time.

Thursday, we took it easy as they were still slightly jetlagged, but went to Cambridge later in the day. After slightly drizzly weather, we managed to see a good part of beautiful Cambridge. Our afternoon out ended with a visit to the Boathouse pub, along the Cam and a night out at a curry house (the name escapes me now…). Ben & Andréanne got to meet some true English people, with the accent, the jokes and everything! 😉

Friday was spent walking around London. We trekked from King’s Cross to Covent Garden, had a bite at Wagamama’s and walked around Jubilee Market. A round on the London Eye and we started making our way towards the Tate Gallery. Unfortunately, by that time, the museum was closed so we walked to Pimlico and headed back home. All in all, a good view of London for them while dodging the overly touristy activities (ie. bus tours)

On Saturday, the boys went up in a plane, but that’ll be worth another post of its own along with some photos…

The weekend flew by as Sunday was the BBQ day. “The best steak in the world” was made on the BBQ, quoting Andréanne’s brother Charles. Great fun, lots of beer and mountains of food were served up. Charles and two friends who are getting to the end of their trip around Europe stayed with us that night.

Unfortunately, Monday came too quickly for Andréanne who was destined to head out to Denmark for a semester of studies. And Tuesday came too soon for me who had to go back to work… Still time for a quick pint with Ben tonight before he flies back to Canada tomorrow!

Fantastic weekend, some photos and video to come to back that statement! 😉

2 thoughts on “I didn't want this 5 day weekend to end

  1. Andrew Pepsicola

    The curry place was Pipasha 🙂 YUM…

    And i think you are under-talking the steak: It was direct from the butchers, 30+ day hung rump steak, almost black, and cooked by a South African BBQ Champion (no joke).

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