Summer's not over yet

This is fantastic, yet another weekend to be spent entirely outdoors BBQing and enjoying the end of the summer! We’ve had a few extremely hot days but it’s back to just really sunny and 23-25ish degrees Celcius, so we couldn’t ask for better weather.

Our old housemate Hodgson’s here, and the other old housemate Dan is joining us later. Ahh it’s good to have someone else around to abuse and insult all day long! They do it so well too!

Alright, time to go select some nice meat from the butcher to slap on the BBQ later. MmmMmmm.

PS – Two weeks and two days til my birthday, start sending the gifts my way!

One thought on “Summer's not over yet

  1. pa

    If they read this.. Hi Andrew Hodgson and Mr. Dan. I remember you very well at the famous Harlow house and the wedding days..and the chinese (Andrew-kiss-all-the-girls) resto…and the mad drivers at the go-cart!! ( 3 red flags?)
    ‘Tis great that you stay all in touch and remain good friends, even after Vero stole Andrew from your bachelor ‘club? Have a great september, ye’all ( sigh).

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