Not to put down the events in New Orleans at all, but while the Americans are causing such a media noise over the events, is anyone realising China is dealing with deadly typhoons and that further ones are hitting Japan, requiring evacuation of over 100,000 people? Hardly, it goes under the radar while everyone sends all their money to the people in Louisiana. Granted these people may have been less prepared than some Asian countries who get such storms on a regular basis.

Again, I’m not saying that because it happens elsewhere, it makes these homeless Americans who have lost everything less important. All I’m trying to say is that America is very good at using the media and playing the violin when they have problems, while when the rest of the world is struggling, the average American will turn a blind eye most of the time.

This probably makes me sound like a horrible person, but I think every natural disaster needs to be taken seriously, not only the ones that can afford the media attention.

One thought on “Meanwhile…

  1. Marc

    Yeah we turn a blind eye. That’s why there was almost 2 billion in private money raised for Tsunami victims.

    I think the coverage of the storms going on is Asia are getting comparable coverage by the media when you compare the size of the disaster. We have a city that has been pretty much wiped off the face of the map. I am over 500 miles away from NOLA, but even here in Nashville we’re getting almost 10,000 displaced folks from that area over the next week. I can’t imagine what other cities which are closer like Jackson, Memphis and Little Rock are getting.

    So, yes the media might be a little overly focused on NOLA and not whatever storm is ravaging some part of Asia this week. But is that any reason to say we turn a blind eye when people suffer elsewhere? Every time there is a disaster in the world, we Americans help in any way we can. But when we are dealing with our own disaster, the likes of which haven’t been seen here in decades, we are turning a blind a blind eye when something not even approaching the scale of what happened here happens elsewhere.

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