The Rules of Advertising – Part Two

Following the uncanny truth of the first set of Rules of Advertising, from the Beebs’ website, more readers have added their favourite “Life According to the Adverts World” observations.

Some are pure gold…

  • All dogs are happy and stupid. All cats have impeccable taste.
  • If you have dyed red hair you are glamorous and sexy. If you have natural red hair then by all accounts you have a problem. [Well, we’d already established that, hadn’t we?]
  • It is totally acceptable and quite normal behaviour to go around kissing babies’ bottoms.
  • Teenage “sufferers” of acne will only ever have one completely invisible spot, for which they will apply a product which will not only clear the spot, but also miraculously solve all other social issues they might be having.
  • Any advert so obscure that you have no idea what it is about will be revealed to be a car advert in the final half-second.

And the best one yet…

  • Carol Vordeman knows everything.

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