The Nano and the Hybrid

Apple’s new babies are born!

Rokr, the new iPod phone by Apple and Motorola

The iPod Hybrid phone has made a lot of ink run. Rokr is developed by Motorola and can hold 100 songs, which are managed in a lite version of iTunes. It’s a bit of a shame that it’s a Motorola phone, as it looks as unimpressive and normal as any other phone, rather than funky and innovative like, for example, Apple’s new iPod baby, the Nano. The ability to carry 100 songs hardly pushes the limits of what phones can already do.

The iPod Nano has won my heart much more than the Rokr has, that’s the least I can say. Granted I won’t be running out to buy one, but I do find Apple has really got it right with this one again. It’s got a colour screen, either 2GB or 4GB, shiny black or Apple white.

Simple, practical and goddamn stylish.

But if you love the colourful iPod minis, go buy one NOW because Apple’s phasing them out. It’ll be Shuffle, Nano, and full-size iPod! I think that’s a bit of a mistake, as the colourful ones are funky and well… my favourite ones!

One response to “The Nano and the Hybrid

  1. Im hoping that by the time I can buy one, they’ll be offering coloured Nanos. 🙂

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