4 thoughts on “Another stupid application for Google Maps

  1. Expat

    The hole that I was encouraged to “dig to China” as a child would have lead me directly to a spot in the ocean between the horn of Africa and Australia.

    Something seems pretty sinister about that!

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  3. Marilia

    I’ve been searching for a new blog to read every now and then and yours came across my search. I believe things come to us when they have to and I found the most amazing coincidence that we work in the same area (marketing), even though I am at the moment unemployed, we both have a BA Honours degree(mine is in Advertising), we both like food and we both want to get a CIM qualification. I’m Brazilian, married to a South African and living in Blackpool, north west England. I’ll read you as often as I can, because one of the sentences that I read in one of your posts just made my day and gave me back the strenght to keep going. The sentence was: “Wanting to be pefect, people just end up doing nothing”. I’ll have to thank you for that.
    Read you soon,

  4. dave

    very cool. I guess I’d end up somewhere in the south Indian Ocean… flood Edmonton once I get to the otherside I guess…

    thanks for the link to this site. cool.



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