Genius ideas

Apple taps into a few more niche markets with accessories for the current iPods.

  • The Hogwarts-engraved 20GB iPod, which comes with nearly 100 hours of audiobooks – All six Harry Potter novels being read by Jim Dale
  • The iPod Nano’s Lanyard Headphones: Forget having to wear both separately, buy them as one! The lanyard has headphones coming out of it!
  • The iPod socks, the Kate Spade covers, etc etc etc…

With this, they can push just a few more people into buying the new Apple wonders.

Certainly, using the iPods as a gateway to convert people to the Mac OS is working well. Isn’t it, Andrew? 🙂

One response to “Genius ideas

  1. pa

    Le Ottawa Citizen fait un rĂ©sumĂ© d’une Ă©tude sur ‘Hearing loss- mp3 can help..when listeners drown out external noises..they go over the threshold..the sensitive hairs wear down and don’t grow more high frequency ..blabla..’ I prefer good old non-compressed music..
    Also a friend M.C. is exhilerated by his Macmini + a aodio capture card + Digicamto create movie-like presentation with imovie3/ Os X: fun. easy, intuitive..instant family and school production.go Mac go!

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