Not everybody likes Clarkson, but everybody likes pie

Clarkson may have a lot of fans thanks to his great sense of humour and a taste for fast cars (and his big hair), but he’s apparently not pleasing everyone. Thankfully, Jeremy was a good sport and was heard to say “great shot” after being splattered in the face with a custard pie.

Jeremy Clarkson & the pie

Mr Clarkson was nominated by the School of Technology [at Oxford Brookes University] for his championing of high standards in engineering.

Shortly before he was assaulted, Mr Clarkson, who lives in Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, said: “I do have a disregard for the environment. I think the world can look after itself and we should enjoy it as best we can.”

But local councillor Elise Benjamin said: “We keep hearing about the damage caused by yob culture and yet he is a yob culture advocate.” Protester Denise Lock said Mr Clarkson “makes a living out of offending people. While other universities are rewarding the likes of Nelson Mandela, Brookes is rolling out the carpet for a dangerous buffoon, ” she added.

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