Thank you

Thanks everyone for the great birthday wishes I got from all over the world by email, MSN and on here… Very kind of you all 🙂

As a kid, I saw 24 as another milestone in life where you really become a grownup. The other milestones were, if I remember right… 16 because it’s the Little Mermaid’s age, 19 because it’s legal drinking age, and 24 because by that point, you have no choice but to act like a grownup.

Now I’m thinking, tough luck, when I feel like acting like I’m 4 again, shed the stress of grown-up-ness and go count tulips in a field, I’ll do it! When I fancy doing a Michelle-style hippie dance in the rain in the backgarden, I’ll do it! And when the urge to sing Passe-Partout comes, no one will stop me!

Maybe 24 is when you come to terms with your inner child and make sure it lives on. This is what Grand-Papa Raymond would want, isn’t it?

2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. pa

    Cher Vero, very wise and ‘grown-up’ but still allow for the best family memories and values to remain Gpapa and Daddy’s great little girl..
    (sing along Andrew) Passe-partout aime les papillons..les souliers neufs et les beaux vestons..

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