Isn't it pretty?

After a week of owning each a brand new Mac Mini, the verdict is a definite thumbs up!

This one is Andrew’s, full-on with 20 inch cinema display, white wireless keyboard and Mighty Mouse. Please excuse the nasty wallpaper in the background – that’ll be dissapearing as soon as we get the courage to do an entire room of un-wallpapering!

My computer setup looks a bit more low-key as I’m using a smaller and squarer flatscreen, and still have the clutter of a PC by my desk. But the result’s the same, a great little machine that does everything I need!

Andrew’s favourite widgets: Hula Homer and Google Maps
My favourite widgets: Sing that iTune! and Say Cheese (aggregates all my favourite cartoons)
All available on Apple’s Dashboard page.

6 thoughts on “Isn't it pretty?

  1. Andrew Pepperrell

    I Love my mac!!!

    And from this day forward, i will be actively preaching OS X and Mac to all my friends and family!!! go apple ra ra ra!!! hehe 😛

  2. Steven

    Oh nice monitor!

    I went to the Apple store on Regents St on Friday night, and they had Mac’s setup with dual 30″ LCDs…

    They were so big I could imagine only needing the one! (£2,000 each though).


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