Can any of you speak German?

I need help solving this mystery. I’ve had +400 visits from a message board called Castplenum this month. You’ll find it here. If you speak any German, go take a peak and try to find out why they’re talking about my blog and linking to it. It’s been puzzling me for a month now, so I need to find out!

In exchange, I’ll give you the next part of the much awaited “Stupid Google Searches of the Month” – Some had me laughing out loud by the sheer dumbness of the search string.

I’ll just give you this one as a preview: “lots of knickers on stage charlotte church party in the park 2005 oxford.” Ooooh yeah we’re in for some fun this month.

3 thoughts on “Can any of you speak German?

  1. Vero

    Because it’s a forum, it doesn’t seem to react too well to babelfish. I’d have to join and go read through all the forums or at least find the Search option!

  2. benjamin

    hej Vero,
    i speak german and i even registered at this forum.

    it’s a little weird. they all talking about their love to casts (fetish-like).
    but i couldn’t find an address to your website.
    neither through the search option nor by looking through threads. sorry.
    it probably will be a mystery forever =)

    but if you find an address, I’ll be happy to translate the context for you.

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