Wondering where I've been?

I’ve been giving my food blog a bit of tender love and care this weekend… and giving my brain a break from the computer as well…

Friday we had raclette with some friends and I’ve decided I’ll put together THE official best raclette & fondue resource on the wibbly wobbly web! I’ll post here as well once I’ve done that. We ate way too much and way too well, and enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Then as if that wasn’t enough, Saturday night was spent at a friend’s BBQ, eating and indulging again. So now I’m up to my eyeballs in indulging. I think I might need a week of light miso soups and salads to recover… As I described it Friday, it was like a food hangover.

And if this post isn’t satisfying enough for you as the only thing I’ll bother posting today before I slip into a nice hot bath and relax for a while, well… have a bananaphone.

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