A smoking monkey to entertain the children

Ok… so this story is nearly a week old by now, but it really fascinates me still, as it’s just so odd.

Ai Ai, the Chinese monkey, has kicked her smoking habit after 16 years.

The creepiest part is how the monkey’s standing in this BBC article. It looks like a looking-old-for-her-age 45 year old smoker. She’d have yellowed fingers, tired grey skin and yellowing blonde hair, with a grim outlook on life.

But fortunately, being a monkey, someone else has forced her to quit smoking and she’s become perfectly happy with her new diet of “fried dishes and dumplings at every meal”.

Not fair… she eats better than me and gets all her meals cooked for her!

One response to “A smoking monkey to entertain the children

  1. Steven

    That’s so freaky.

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