After almost a month…

I like being back on a Mac more and more!

This weekend, I found out that OS 9.2 is contained on the CD that comes with the Mac Mini. Of course, I installed it and went straight to the Mac Garden for some good ol’ abandonware.

Started with a few games of Desert Trek, which is just as funny and crummy as ever! Even just watching OS 9 load up with the useless extensions at the bottom is a fantastic blast from the past!

Desert Trek

I’ve got SimCity at hand to install now and Painter 7. Julie – Painter *7*, woooowwwww! 😉 (For everyone else – my sisters still insist on using Painter 3, even though it’s ancient and I’ve offered them newer software a million times!)

All in all, I don’t miss anything from my old PC, having all the necessary software to make my Mac fully compatible with the overwhelming majority of PCs that surround it, which is the only thing that used to annoy me with older Macs.

Alright, out for some fresh air now. Brain’s lacking in oxygen slightly…

2 thoughts on “After almost a month…

  1. shahab

    hey candian girl
    i love your blog and the fact tha you are a fellow mac lover.
    I plan on getting a mini this week (wed-thurs) because I think when Jobs makes his latest announcment he will make the upgraded specs official (1.5Ghz).

    let me know if you want to swap links (on our blogs).

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