Used Books Swap

In the news, about 4 months ago, a website was launched where users could register and swap second hand books for no cost other than shipping to each other. I remember registering for that website, but I can’t seem to find any emails containing my registration details, and the website seems impossible to find in search engines.

What I remember:
1. It’s a UK-based site
2. It requires a free registration to be able to properly swap with other users
3. It was launched approx 4 months ago
4. I found it via a news source, but BBC isn’t yielding any results.

Is anyone able to help with figuring out the name and URL of the site? I’ll give you a cookie* if you find it! Pleaaaase, my memory’s terrible!

* Will give cookie recipe for you to make your own 😉

6 responses to “Used Books Swap

  1. Steven

    Hmmmm yeah I vaguely remember reading about this, yet can’t really find it also! In my quest though I did come across:

    Does this advance me at all towards the cookies?!


  2. The website I believe you’re thinking of is

    you can swap old books for new books completely free of charge. It’s great if you want to get rid of lots of books lying around gathering dust on the bookshelf and at the same get a new book to read without spending a penny!

    I think the article you’re referring to might be,3605,1150665,00.html


  3. is a website where you are able to swap unwanted DVDs and Games for FREE, I think that they are going to add books and CDs very shortly. I myself am a avid swopper on the site, everyone should do it, its a good way to recycle disposable media.

  4. Hi, If you live in the Uk then the newest site is It works a slightly differently to all the others in that its more of a book pool from which you can choose any rather than having to ask people to do a swap. I’m biased because it’s my site but if you do a comparison it’s the easiest and quickest to use and swap.

    Please take a look and let me know what you think.

    Neil (BookHopper)

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