Used Books Swap

In the news, about 4 months ago, a website was launched where users could register and swap second hand books for no cost other than shipping to each other. I remember registering for that website, but I can’t seem to find any emails containing my registration details, and the website seems impossible to find in search engines.

What I remember:
1. It’s a UK-based site
2. It requires a free registration to be able to properly swap with other users
3. It was launched approx 4 months ago
4. I found it via a news source, but BBC isn’t yielding any results.

Is anyone able to help with figuring out the name and URL of the site? I’ll give you a cookie* if you find it! Pleaaaase, my memory’s terrible!

* Will give cookie recipe for you to make your own 😉

6 thoughts on “Used Books Swap

  1. Beamotron is a website where you are able to swap unwanted DVDs and Games for FREE, I think that they are going to add books and CDs very shortly. I myself am a avid swopper on the site, everyone should do it, its a good way to recycle disposable media.

  2. BookHopper

    Hi, If you live in the Uk then the newest site is It works a slightly differently to all the others in that its more of a book pool from which you can choose any rather than having to ask people to do a swap. I’m biased because it’s my site but if you do a comparison it’s the easiest and quickest to use and swap.

    Please take a look and let me know what you think.

    Neil (BookHopper)

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