Award for the most incompetently managed company

And the award goes to NTL, broadband Internet, phone and television provider to a few millions of sorry customers.

The story goes like this: We lived in Sawbridgeworth and had no choice to get NTL for broadband, as it was the only provider in the area. In September 2004, we disconnected from NTL, changing to Sky for TV, BT for phone and Pipex for Internet service. It took 4 months for NTL to believe we’d left them. Four months, 5 registered mail letters and a couple dozen phone calls later, the call centre minions still weren’t getting the point so we contacted the head office, who immediately sorted the problem. Or so we thought.

Every desperate flyer and junk mail we now get from NTL, asking us if we’d like to join them and use their fantastic service has made me smirk since then.

Since THIS September, which is September 2005, a whole year later, we’ve received a phone bill from them. Andrew called and reminded them that a. we’d moved house, b. we’d changed phone number and c. that new number wasn’t even in use by anyone! They mumbled an apology and promised it wouldn’t happen again. But again today, we’ve received a bill for £2.74 for phone calls! It’s beyond a joke!

Moral of this story: Don’t use NTL, they’ll follow you to your grave! And if you’re a Telewest Broadband customer, run for your life before NTL’s incompetence spreads through!

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