Funny Google Searches – Part V

We’re only halfway through October and it’s already raining with fantastic stupid Google searches!

The stats package I’m using behind the scenes is AwStats, a free open-source log file analyser.

  • “strippers croydon lunchtime” – Everything about this search is so seedy, why oh why???
  • “marde menorca hotel” – This may only be funny to French speaking people, but *giggles* marde hihihi
  • “jordan chavette” shortly followed by “subwoofer disguised as a nos tank” – This search must’ve been made by an Essex boy, about two things close to his Barry heart.
  • “what to do on a rainy day with a girl?” – Well, you can string pink popcorn to make necklaces or play Barbies. That’s all girls do on rainy days, isn’t it?
  • “what would the circus want with a plumber explanation” – Aww bless, someone didn’t get the joke (see here for joke)
  • “dogging chav” followed by “ahhh my eyes” – Yep, my thoughts too
  • “england drinking laws” – The Law: Drink as much as you can, drink as often as you can, and definitely drink at lunchtime on Fridays
  • “rachel elnaugh bust” – Ok, I’m gonna go out on a limb here and assume you’re not looking for pictures of Rachel’s bust, but rather information on her company going bust. At least, that’s what I’m praying for.
  • “nag annoy angry ringtone phone download” – Or how to be hated by your coworkers in one easy step
  • “google earth zoom at girls” – Sorry chappie! Google Earth doesn’t let you zoom in THAT closely yet!
  • “carol vordeman facelift?” – It wasn’t just a *face* lift, honey.

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