Today's shopping discoveries

We went into Cambridge for the first time today with the sole purpose to walk around and do some window shopping. The weather was lovely and warm, 24 degrees Celcius apparently, and people were out in full force.

I went into Lush, one of my favourite stores of all times, and got myself a few little treats. A Karma bath bomb, a Glitterbug to give me some sparkle in the evening, a Te’o deodorant because I’m curious to see if they work and finally, a Whoosh! temple balm to help me when my brain decides to stop working in the middle of a big project “because that’s the sound of deadlines when they rush by you and you must catch up”.

Afterwards, we stopped in Whittards because I’d walked by a million times but never went in. I bought a pot of Chai Latte instant drink mix. It is SO tasty, it’s heavenly and I recommend it to everyone!

We then pottered over to the Cho Mee, a Chinese supermarket on Mill Road, and picked up some nice pork dumplings for lunch, as well as a ton of noodles of all sorts to last us a long time! I bought Tapioca balls in the hope of making Bubble Tea sometime soon, but it looks like getting the other ingredients (if I want flavoured tea powders and big thick straws) might be a challenge as Bubble Tea is completely unknown in the UK.

Now, we’ve got a lovely relaxing evening at home. Might just need to have a bath with some of my Lush products. Mmmmm nice!

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