Are bloggers shy?

Help me understand something.

There are however many millions of blogs on the net now (just check BBC News for the latest estimates, they won’t stop harping on about the novelty that is blogging), the typical bloggers are techy young men, and trendy young women. I’m working and living in that type of environment day in, day out, yet I know so very few bloggers.

Sure, I’ve got one work colleague who blogs, I’ve talked a couple of friends into keeping a Blogspot diary while living far far from home, but that’s it. The concept of blogging doesn’t even seem to be that familiar within quite technical social groups, so I can only imagine how right the BBC article is about current expressions Brits seem to be most familiar with (because I’m not repeating that word on my blog).

Either I am surrounded by bloggers, who smirk when I turn my back because they’ve been wiser and haven’t told anyone about their blog, or it simply isn’t half as popular as the media makes it out to be. Do the regular bloggers blow stats up out of proportion? For the sake of statistics, I’d be the owner of 5 blogs, even though only two are live nowadays.

In no way do I think blogs are the be-all and end-all of new trendy technologies, but why do none of my real-life observations match the supposed worldwide estimates?

7 thoughts on “Are bloggers shy?

  1. pa

    Je crois que les médias aiment ‘dépasser’ la réalité pour créer de nouveaux consommateurs..ex: les modes, les jeux vidéos en film. Enfin, de quoi j’me mêle!

  2. Sharon

    Hey there. I am very shy blogger and I haven’t really told any of my close friends and family about my blog.

    I don’t fit into the stereotype at all…I am a middle aged, married, mother who is too round and wants to run a marathon!

  3. P.L.

    C’est drôle que tu dises ça – moi, tout le monde que je connais a un blogue! Mais c’est p-e parce que on est tous loin de chez nous…

    Aussi, je commence à être tannée d’en entendre parler de ces maudits blogues! C’est comme quand on était en comm, et que tout le monde parlait de ce “nouveau” phénomène, la télé-réalité!

    Ah, les adultes, ils aiment ça penser qu’ils ont trouvé la dernière tendance… Sauf qu’ils se rendent jamais compte qu’elle est morte. 😛

  4. Craig O

    I don’t really tell my people about my blog or Internet stuff because I don’t think they care. They know I am a webmaster and have blogs etc. but if they don’t ask I guess I assume they don’t care right?

    I really dig your blog layout BTW.

  5. Vero

    Craig: Could have to do with the fact that your blog is rather more commercial/money-making oriented (you’re lucky I didn’t remove your URL, I usually do for sites like that. i’m just feeling kind on Monday morning) instead of being a personal, bare-my-soul type blog 🙂

    Paola: Imagine le bordel dans les cours de Nouveau Média, y doivent tous créer des blogs comme journal de bord pour leurs projets, je te gage! Si Pierre Bélanger adopte ça pour les “journals”, ça risque d’être cool. N’importe quel autre prof et j’ai pitié pour les élèves…

  6. ryna

    Blogging is a way for me to express my thoughts and feelings…and besides Im not that vocal to let my feelings show…some people get to figure out what do I always have in my mind after reading some of my blogs.

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