Charley in New Town

I took a peek into the British National Archives, after hearing so much about old content being made available online.

It’s worth watching Charley in New Town, as it explains how the New Towns were built in post-war Britain.

“In the immediate post-war period ‘New Towns’ were considered to represent one of the main hopes for the future. Designed to alleviate overcrowded inner cities by building in less populated areas, the scheme was ambitious. It resulted in twenty-nine ‘New Towns’. Twenty-three towns in England and Wales and six in Scotland, Stevenage being the first.

Other towns such as Harlow, Hatfield and Basildon were amongst the first New Towns built between 1947 and 1950. New Towns took the overspill population from London and other big cities. They also provided much needed accommodation for people living in hastily built post-war prefabricated houses.”

Some of you may remember Charley from Prodigy fame? Yep, this is where the sound bites came from for the 1991 track!

Charley says: Always tell your mummy before you go off somewhere

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