I love Sundays

I used to hate Sundays. Now, I love them.

Especially today, as there’s an extra hour that’s magically added itself to the usual schedule. And who wouldn’t wish for extra hours in the day?

I got to sleep in indecently late, lazing around for a bit thinking of the day/week ahead, have a shower, eat an entire large mango, put a load of laundry in the machine, go for an hour-long “jog” (we’re not talking Olympic running here, but hey at least I’m trying to get rid of my fat ass!), 20 minutes watching the end of the dreadful MTV Europe Music Awards, where poor ol’ Xzibit seemed to wonder why Europeans liked that kind of crap music (it was some really crummy Italian momo singing at the end, apparently the song of the year for Italy), having an other shower because of the hour-long jog, and guess what! It’s only just gone 12 o’clock!!

I still have all afternoon to do whatever I want, and then this evening, we’re going to see the League of Gentlemen live! To quote Mark Gatiss on their own website, “You have to throw yourself into it with real gusto. With this show, we’re burlesquing the burlesque. We’ll have to invent a new word for it!” I’m bracing for the worst because I’m not a big fan of panto, a British Christmas season tradition, but I’m in love with the Royston Vasey characters so I’ll most likely enjoy seeing them interact with the audience. (For the non-Brits, About.com has a reasonably good intro to panto here – and if it sounds really silly, it’s because it is!)

I’ve only seen one amateur panto, last Christmas, and I wasn’t too impressed, but this time, they’re fantastic actors and writers, so I think I can trust them to entertain!

Mmm time to go have lunch… Going for a jog makes me ravenous!!

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