Halloween in Britain

Halloween in this country really fascinates me. It simply doesn’t catch on! We live in a very family-oriented neighbourhood and have only had a few groups of kids ringing the doorbell. There’s no need to spend the entire evening sitting by the front door, there just aren’t that many kids interested in trick or treating!

The little devils coming by are genuinely children, no older than 12 or so. They’re all accompanied by parents. They have little pumpkin containers the size of two fists put together, and go home once they’ve filled that up. The idea of running around trying to fill an entire pillowcase worth of candy doesn’t even cross their minds!

Granted the costumes may not be as amazing as the costumes of SOME North American kids who really make an effort to be original, but the usual Batman, Superman, princesses and ninjas seem to be the most common ones this evening.

Anyways, I think it’s better this way. I remember when I was a kid, I’d rollerblade to cover as much of the neighbourhood as possible, and would have Halloween candy left over until Easter!

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