Not cool

I had my hair cut yesterday, yay!
I’m noticing way more white hairs today. Not good. Not good at all!

I’m 24, for Dog’s sake! Who the hell gets white hair at 24?!

It’s decided, I’m dying my hair this weekend. I can probably play the ostrich for a long long time by using hairdye, the best thing since sliced bread. (Or since hair straighteners at least)

3 thoughts on “Not cool

  1. Francine Séguin

    Envoie-moi quelques photos s’il-te-plaît. Je m’ennuie de vous autres… Eh oui, nous les femmes, nous avons un avantage avec les teintures et le maquillage. Ça cache bien des choses…
    Maman xoxo

  2. Freak boy

    I’ve noticed white hairs too. Freaked me out (no pun intended):I guess we just have to enjoy what little life we have left. Stay strong

  3. Steven

    I was going to write some witty comment, but fear I can’t beat freak boy’s comment.

    Moved to my own place over the weekend… heaven!


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