Didn't blow the town up

I’ve had such a busy weekend – it’s Sunday night and I’m exhausted, but it was a very fun AND productive weekend, so total success!

I had Friday off work, and prepared all day for the evening’s fireworks party (a day early for Guy Fawkes day but much more suitable for inviting friends over!) Over 35 people showed up to our little house for the fireworks, BBQ and party. It was brilliant, the fireworks impressed everyone, Andrew didn’t set himself on fire (now that was a surprise…) and we all ate til we were full to the gills. A fantastic time… Just a shame I forgot to take photos, as I was too busy serving food and handling the brouhaha of entertaining everyone. (scuze maman!)

On Saturday, when the sun came up, we got to admire the mess caused by the fireworks. It wasn’t half as bad as I expected, and we got some help clearing up. Thankfully on Saturday afternoon we got to relax a bit.

And today, feeling we’d had our day of rest, we put ourselves to the challenge of painting the bedroom. It was a patchily-painted hideously bright lilac room with a white, lilac and shiny pink border. Needless to say, it looked rather too “modern council house”, and we decided to go for the minimalist option of a Natural Straw colour. So after a few hours of scraping the border off and painting a base coat on the walls to even them out and hide the lilac colour, it looks like we’ll be sleeping in the lounge tonight as we can’t yet move back into the bedroom! Tomorrow night, I’ll be off go-karting with some work colleagues so poor Andrew will have to finish the job by himself! I promise I’ll take photos of the room once it’s finished, since I’m sure it’ll be something to be proud of.

Between layers of paint being applied, I took the time to dye my hair to hide the white hairs. Ok, not really, I just fancied doing my hair in a richer burgundy colour than my natural poop brown one. I should set the record straight, I’m not actually bothered by the 3-4 white hairs, I actually find it quite funny!

My guess is, between this morning’s energetic jogging session, this afternoon’s wallpaper border scraping and awkward hairdye rinsing-out positions, I’m going to be in complete physical PAIN tomorrow. I can sense I won’t be winning this karting session…

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