Already Wednesday?

How can the week be whizzing by so fast?! I guess I’m just enjoying life these days!

Sunday night, we took on the challenge of painting our bedroom to get rid of el ultimo nasty lilac colour and the white/lilac/pink border. Yep, genius idea. Except it was a bit more work than predicted…

Sunday evening was spent scraping the ugly border off, at arm’s length, because I really AM damn short. We started filling in the wall imperfections and putting a magnolia base coat… two base coats, a lot of edging bits, a few rolls of masking tape, a big tub of Natural Straw paint later and 3 evenings later, it’s finally done!

The bedroom now looks gorgeous, warm and welcoming. With the added bonus that there’s no junk on the floor (yet).

Monday night, neither me or Andrew worked on the bedroom, as I went karting. It’s been a long time since my last go-kart outing, and this time it was with work colleagues at Kartsport in Caxton. Came second-last in our Team Endurance hour and a half challenge, but who cares, it was fun!

Anyways… talking about that wonderfully cozy bedroom, I think it’s time to celebrate being able to sleep in the bedroom rather than in the living room by hmm lets see… by going to sleep! Mmmm

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