BBC Children in Need

What? Stars in a Thong?

Ohhhh Stars Throng to Children in Need.

Madonna may have been completely and utterly rubbish, and Jordan may have been lip-synching while Peter Andre was singing for real, but hey it’s all for a good cause!

Truly, what would we do without Terry Wogan? Granted, I turned the TV off before the news so I won’t be seeing Terry (or Natasha) in tights for their breakdancing number, but all in all, Children in Need is a BBC institution and like no other fundraiser I’ve ever seen.

I’ve been saying this for three or four years now, but I’m amazed at the number of stars willing to make complete fools of themselves for a good cause. (See Eastenders and Catherine Tate. “Do I look bovered??”) And bless the Doctor and Rose for this in-between Doctor-swap episode. Geez, now next season might even make sense! A new, camper and longer-haired Doctor Who!

Good night kids, and don’t forget to donate! (even if the BT network goes bezerk and becomes too busy, keep trying)

Last year’s post on BBC Children in Need

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